TeacherAide (cloud)

Teacher Aide Pro

All data is stored on the device locally.  Users have the option to manually backup data to a cloud service like Dropbox, Drive or iCloud.

TeacherAide (Cloud)

All data is stored in the cloud using Google Firebase service.  The data is also cached locally to the device, but cloud storage allows multiple devices to sync/use the same data.  Your data is never shared by us with anyone.  At any time you have the option to delete your data completely from within the app Sign In screen.

Google Classroom Integration (Apple & Google Play)
Access to Classroom data is controlled by linking to the Google Account from the Classroom screen in the app.  The user controls which data is synced to/from classroom.  The account can be unlinked at any time by the user. 

Gmail Integration (Apple & Google Play)

Access to Gmail is controlled by linking to the Google Account from the Bulk Email screen in the app.   No Gmail data is stored on the device.  The Gmail option is only used to send emails to student and parents stored in the app, which is controlled by the user at all times.  No other Gmail data is accessed from your account.  You can unlink from the Gmail account at any time.  

Attendance & Gradebook
Seating Chart​​ & ​Reports
​Sync with Google Classroom & much more

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