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Google API Disclosure
In Pocket Solutions Apps use Google APIs when you use your Google account to sign in.  The use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to
 Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.  Please see our Privacy Policy above for details on how we keep your information and data safe.

Privacy Policy

In Pocket Solutions does not access, use or share your app data with anyone.  However, for some cloud storage apps, the data is stored with a 3rd party storage provider.  See below for apps that use cloud storage.

Daily Task Tracker, Class Planner (cloud), Rubric Scorer (cloud) and TeacherAide (cloud):  Data is stored by Google on a Cloud Database, but no data is shared or used by Google.  There is the option in the app to permanently delete all your user data at any time.

All other apps (Teacher Aide Pro, Rubric Scorer, Class Planner, Teacher Notes, Random Student):  Data is stored locally on the device.  However you may link the app to a cloud service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud or other service if you choose to use those services.  It is up to the user to delete backup copies of data on the device or with 3rd party apps.  The device backups can be found the on the device in the folder named after each respective app.  In addition it is always wise to password protect your device to help protect your data.

Email Address:  The email address is used for account management, in order to manage the premium features that have been activated for the app and communicate any important app updates.  The email is also used to to verify account ownership when communicating via email. The email address is stored by a third party service, but it is not sold, used or made available to the service.

Google Classroom Data

Access to Classroom data is controlled by the linking to the Google Account from the Classroom screen in the app.  The account can be unlinked at any time by the user.   All Classroom data synced to our apps is  used to sync student rosters or assignment grades to the app.   None of your Classroom data is ever shared by us with anyone.   

Google Gmail Data

Access to Gmail is controlled by linking to the Google Account from the Bulk Email screen in the app.   No Gmail data is stored on the device.  The Gmail option is only used to SEND emails to student and parents stored in the app, which is controlled by the user at all times.  No other Gmail data is accessed from your account.  You can unlink from the Gmail account at any time.   None of your data is ever shared by us with anyone.

Google Drive Data

Access to Drive is controlled by linking to the Google Account from the Backup/Restore screen in the app.  The Drive option is only used to save backup data off the device.  You can unlink from the Drive account at any time.   Your cloud backup data is not shared with anyone and is completely under your control.

In addition our apps do not track users location, or collect or sell any user data to any third parties.

Should you share your contact information with our social media services such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Google +, you will receive updates about the apps via those media sites.  Simply unsubscribe to those groups if you prefer not to receive updates at a later time.  ​

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